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A New England Haunting

There are countless beliefs concerning what happens to us after we die.  Some believe that we come back as little children and have to live life after life until we get things right.  Others believe we just wink out like a light being turned off.  One of the most popular is that Heaven or Hell awaits us right after death, depending on our deeds in this lifetime and that some can get lost on their way there - lingering here on earth until they can pass over.  This belief seems to go hand in hand with the theory that our loved ones in Heaven can visit us, or can be contacted by gifted individuals here.  One of the less popular theories is the Biblical theory that asserts that there are no ghosts, only demons who masquerade as the spirits of our deceased loved ones.

I know I grew up believing in ghosts - good ones and bad ones.  I spent a large part of my adult life involved in the paranormal world, investigating the unseen world.  Later in life, after hearing everything that mankind had…