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Fear the Walking Dead

Most people who know me know that I love a good scary movie, or book... or TV show. I was reading Stephen King when I was ten years old. And Dean Koontz, he was another favorite of mine. I watched The Exorcist every time it was on TV, no matter how late at night it was. And I slept with the TV on until I was in my 40's because having spent years in the "ghost hunting" racket I KNEW what was in the dark.

When The Walking Dead first premiered I was pretty excited. I love zombie movies. The idea of a weekly zombie soap opera just lit up my twisted little world. I popped popcorn and made a real event of the series premiere in our house, which included torturing my husband with it - he couldn't really care less about any of this foolishness. Over the course of five years I fell in love with the characters and bit my nails along with the rest of the fan world every time it looked like we might lose someone. Now, there were acceptable losses like Laurie and Andrea... I thou…