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It's raining today. First rain we've gotten here in what seems like forever. The summer was beyond brutal - record breaking number of days over 90 degrees. It will be October before the week is over and it's finally just down into the 80's, with some 70 degree days in the ten day forecast. The local folks tell me this has not been a normal summer. The winter weather is the real payoff for me here. No blizzards, no negative number temps.

Working was a real challenge this summer for both my husband and myself. We earn the lion's share of our income through doing remodeling and cleaning of mobile homes which are vacant and seldom have power or water on, so no A/C and those tin boxes turn into furnaces once the sun comes up. I've been painting for the last few days, doing the interior of a trailer or two but today... it's raining. Not such a great kind of day to paint - it's too dark inside, and too damp. But later we're going to our church to hang some…