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We're All Haunted

I began writing Cast Down; A New England Haunting several years ago, but the story itself has haunted me personally for most of my life. The tale is a fictional one but it's based in reality and in memory of a time long in my past. The characters are loosely based upon people I knew, in the small New England town of my childhood.  A town that left its mark on me.  The following is an excerpt from the novel, available through Amazon online in print and in electronic format.

The elderly woman sat in her wheelchair and stared out the window.  The other senior residents gave her a wide berth each time they shuffled by.  Her eyes were as wild as her unkempt hair – hair she refused to have brushed.  Screeches would erupt from her should anyone even reach out in an attempt to simply touch her.  The screeches would be accompanied by thrashing limbs and even spitting if anyone brave enough attempted to get a brush or comb through her twisted mane.  So, with dirty, wild locks she sat…