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2018... Is it Over Yet?



So far, not my favorite year.

Yeah, so on New Year's Day I was cleaning up the house in anticipation of the arrival of an out-of-town guest. I took a break for a few minutes and sat down to read the day's Facebook posts. Everyone seemed to be having a great day, the posts were full of optimism, hopes and dreams, prayers and anticipation of this being the year that humanity redeemed itself. All I could really say was that I'd just discovered my pants were on inside-out.

I knew at that moment what kind of year this was going to be.

Later that day my front-load dryer stopped working.

A week later I was running out for FIVE MINUTES to do one last task before calling it a day... and it was like experiencing an instant replay of a day in December of 2013... My left heel hit a patch of mud just outside and the next thing I know I'm on my butt in that patch of mud. With my ankle at an odd angle. And yes, I heard a snap.

My beloved husband, Marty was a real trooper o…